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Camera Obscura-Books Written for Girls (Synonym remix)

Camera Obscura had this exclusive remix by Synonym up on their website, but I got really frustrated with the wma format and the non existant tagging and took the liberty of converting it to mp3 and correcting the info, and hopefully making life a little easier/better for you with the song.

The original version of this song is one of those few pieces of music that can reach that delicate place, that point wavering between beauty and saddness, art and heart, that moment where the music is all you can hear--it's all you want to hear--and it chases after, haunting, and powerful, and that amazing. While this remix does not reach the emotional heights of that song, the beauty and charm is not lost, and there is this space, this hallowed air that suits the song within the dreamy, detached electronic beats and quivers. "A poor man's Belle & Sebastian?" That's definitely not Camera Obscura. And somehow, this remix seems to make the point even better than they can. A wonderful hallway of the now, not so twee, love.



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