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Feist-Secret Heart (New U.S. Version)

I'm not sure what the story is with this so called "New USA Secret Heart" that Feist put on her Myspace, but whatever it is, I'm super happy about it. The original version of the song is already one amazing piece of music, but on this one, the hesitation, the apprehension, the ever so detectable taunting in Feist's voice is brushed and stripped to tinted, fragile, beauty in the verses. And the chorus? The crashing of full instruments? A whole rush to contrast the tender quivers of the verses? This is why we love Feist so much, guys.

The Sky Drops-Now Would Be

There is a crash. This is tension. There are vaguely metal sounding riffs. There is a roar, a step, waves swallowing. There is ambience and fuzzy guitars. There is "adult alternative" like lyrics. There is scattering. Drifting. There is a squeezing of muscles and darkening of tone. There is a general sense of goodness.



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