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Banksy - Street Art (2006)

Hey hey! My name is Kyle and I write a Madison, WI based music/art blog called I'm Just Sayin Is All... While I have control here at the beautiful Bubble Death, I'd like to dirty it up a bit by introducing a cast of favourite artists that frequent my blog.
An enigmatic UK guerrilla artist named Banksy is screaming with spray paint at the concrete walls that construct modern society, unfortunately standing more predominantly as sales mechanisms than as pillars of our communities. His unique stencil designs and confrontational messages often take the form of a sarcastic, street-roaming rat who becomes refreshingly artistic company on the daily corporate commute.

If you haven't yet been converted to the glistening church of Leslie Hall, let me be the overly-expressive evangelist that shows you the light. Adorned with the chubby wisdom of the proverbial Buddah and a mosaic of gemstones, Leslie's belly resonates with the beats of greatness and produces the stadium anthems that will unite the world at the modern Mecca of internet culture. Never without her trusty beatbox, the research-based jams of Dr. Laura, and a nationwide following of junior gems that puts the dusty disciples to shame (c'mon only 12?), Leslie is taking her traveling truth on a tour of the Western US deserts (for more than 40 days and certainly with more food). Check out the reverberating-rhinestoned-riot-rhythms on herspace or at a service near you. Internalize these beats and become henchmen of the gemmed word. Help reflect Leslie's dancing brilliance to enlighten the grey cashmere of the sinning populous.

Leslie & The Lys - Gold Pants (mp3)

Next, checkout a rising phenomena from Madison, WI and pioneer of danceable neuro-core
Giddings Love for Who. The band's intriguing structures, ambient-laced complexity, and dynamic lead vocals (Timothy Oyen) amazingly inspires both thought and dance... a deadly combination. They are my current favourite and my blog's New Band to Watch.

Giddings Love for Who - Step to Stream to Rivulet (mp3)

Giddings Love for Who - The Inevitable Pseudo Boy (mp3)



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