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The Prototypes-Ici Ou Peut-Etre Demain

I don't speak French at all, but I can recognize the snippets of English in that chorus, and I can most definitely recognize the shaking, dancing energetic beat and the twisting tempo, the insistent catchy bounce, the non-stop shimmering of instruments, and the clapping, snapping, stomping that reminds me of such English speaking, dancing happy artists like The Go! Team. Pure, foreign fun from The Prototypes (and yeah, I know, they've been loved by other bloggers. But again, never+better=late.)

Annoncement #2:

I will be leaving this Sunday for China, for a whole three weeks! I think, to make the trip even more interesting than it will be, I will attempt to write about things, David Sedaris style. But, of course, I won't be mp3 blogging while away! So, lucky you guys, some of my favorite bloggers will be guest posting! Give them lots of love. I know I'm very excited to see a little variety on my own blog!



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