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Book Talk 32: A Dirty Job

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The novel: A Dirty Job-Christopher Moore

Okay, that's it, Christopher Moore is officially my new favorite fiction humor writer. Sorry, Terry Pratchett and Carl Hiaasen, but this was too great not to jump him up way up on my internal "favorites" list.

Here are some reasons why this book is so great:
*I finished it in two days. Yes, two days. And it's not really a short book.
*It's about death.
*It's about death.
*It has the most adorable cover art ever.
*It features squirrels and other animals dressed up in high fashion.
*It features a tall, black man named Minty Fresh, who is also a Death Merchant.
*It features hellhounds who plays with a baby girl.
*It features mythology refrences that all blend in.
*It's hilarious, charming, and also has that trace of saddness within the storyline.
*It's about death.
*It features wacky characters that are part stereotype, but more part hysterical.
*Everything is "like bear."
*It features an illustrated guide to being Death.
*Oh, for God's sake, isn't that reason enough?

Brilliant. Christopher Moore is now utterly amazing in my book (uh, no pun intended...)

Oh, and also, I was trying to find a song that has to do with Death that has some of the wonderful qualities of this book, and that was all sorts of challenging, because they are generally sad, or just off topic. So, if you know of any crazy, funny, charming, good songs about death, do tell me about it. Death is such a fun subject to tackle, and musicians really ought to embrace it more. Love is so boring now, isn't it?



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