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You Wish You Never Ever Met Her At All

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It's a POP (not POP!) Monday.

Nelly Furtado-Maneater

The brilliance of this song is generally considered to be old news, but for some reason it really didn't catch on the first couple of times I heard it. I managed to dismiss Nelly to the back of the pop room and proceed to become confused as to what all the fuss was about. But then, upon my recent, furious obsession with Lily Allen, something sparked this connection and suddenly, I could see the blinding, mesmerizing, pumping light at the end of the tunnel and it manages to scream "listen to me!" And when it hits, it hits. The snags of the keyboard, the twinkling little music box melody to the full frontal assult of breath taking catchy dancey bassey pop clarity. And now, she does make me fall in love.

Paris Hilton-Stars are Blind (Get it from Stereogum or Perez Hilton)

It was, of course, an expected move. Which slutty, near anorexic, model beautiful starlet isn't going to start a musical career? I always thought Paris already made music and I just never noticed it, but nope, she's only just flashing the world the, er, gift of her singing voice. Anyway, Stereogum admits to liking it, Pop Justice adores it, and it's ridiculously catchy and so light flavored it might as well drift into the sky. A rather typical summer beach song, vaguely singalong-able or repeatable, perfect for sunbathing in a near non existant bikini with Star by (Hired, not so good ghost writer employee) Pamela Anderson. The hipsters' apparent extreme hatred seems unjustified for such a strawberry/cherry bubblegum song that really doesn't offend or challenge. I only wish Paris would have had the guts to tackle a different song subject matter than just boring romance...



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