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There's a reason why this Monday is one of the most lovable, excitable, wonderful Monday this year. #1. It's the last real week of school before the three short finals days, and #2, I just spent about twenty minutes obsessing over the new Threadless, who were crazy enough to release 24 new shirts and a ten dollar sell. Plus, launching new categories like Kids shirts (super adorable and yupster core on so many levels...), type shirts and Select Shirts (featuring famous designers at a higher price)...

And #3: (excuse all fangirl gushing and tendencies and such, as regular readers know that this tends to be what happens when it comes to my favorite band ever) see this, which is what one of local alt. radio stations holds every year, free concerts at Del Mar after race tracks spread out during the summer. Usually, they get a couple of local bands and one or two rather big name bands, and this year classics Violent Femmes and Louis XIV are back (like the previous couple of years), which is fantastic (even though I might not be in San Diego for the Femmes, I saw them last year so I'm not too stressed), but this year...oh my god...this year, remember, their roster of FREE concerts after the races include The Flaming Lips (!!!!) and, shock, gasp, OMG, ect. Jimmy Eat World.

I have no clue how the hell they arranged to have those bands to play, for free...oh my god. I'm in a state of shock and amazement right now. I thought fate had it so that I would never get to see my favorite band live. And unfortunately, I think my summer schedule will also have me out of the country for the Lips, and yeah, they are probably the most wonderful live band ever to exist, but I've also seen them before and wonderful Jimmy Eat World makes up for all that...

So yes, I'm in a state of super hyper happiness at the moment, so here's a song about twee by a twee bands featuring about a hundred twee references for my presentation of twee "taking a stand" for my finals in English and history, and which I've been listening to, non-stop, for a long while. A glimpse into the life of a twee kid, flickering through her experiences like a photo album, snapshots and frozen frames held within snappy lyrics...Super clever and great, like "Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend's Too Stupid to Know About"




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