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Book Talk 26: A Heartbreaking Work...

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The novel: A Heartbreaking Word of Staggering Genius-Dave Eggers

Ah, Dave Eggers. I'm really not sure what to think of him, now. I mean, this is a memoir of his life, but it has the stamp, feel and taste of fiction. I love Eggers' writing style, although sometimes the run-on thoughts and occurances does get confusing and a bit, well, long, generally the prose and situations pulled the book through. And the foreword, preface, table of contents and acknowledgments were a lot of fun to read and totally witty and self aware and ironic and so hipster it hurts (but I mean, he does run McSweeney's). It was, in fact, full of tugs nad pulls of emotions, mostly, happiness and sadness, and heartbreaking? Slightly. Staggering genius? Most definitely.



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