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Book Talk 25: South of the Border...

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The novel: south of the Border, West of the Sun-Haruki Murakami

This is really just not my type of reading. It's a short book (which is good for those times during classes when there's nothing better to do), but it has no strong "read-on" sentiments. No major hooks or conflicts, just a sample life of this man and his relationships and such with a couple of women, who generally turn out boring, even his mysterious love who flashes in and out of his life, leaving him deprived and desperate for her repeatedly. The few curious incidents this woman leaves him with is never explained, and in generaly nothing worth crying over happens and things fade into nothingness...I couldn't care for the character at all, as they were all model citizens and devoid of real, gripping personality. But then again...me the emotionless robot may just be taking over again. But I doubt it.



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