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The Pipettes-Pull Shapes

Memorial Day is sort of the unofficial beginning of the summer here in the U.S., and I can see why, as the air feels still, the birds chirp but at a muffled and relaxed pace, the wind pushes stray leaves over barely and the sun shine with a lazy slant. Everything is frozen in time, like many warm, still summer afternoons. Which, of course, is no fun.

The Pipettes, then, jumps in. With enough energy to blast through a very, very thick and concrete wall, leaping and skipping with careless joy. Excitement! POP! Polka dotted dresses and dancing! Super charged claps (but of course!)! Near scary straight forward lyrics and melodies! Action! Arenas! Chorus! Overwhelming matching grins and earphones and bright ribbons flying through the air! The chorus! An overcharged orchestra! Obsessive listening and happiness and energy is almost required for this band. Yay!



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