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Apples in Stereo-Lucky Charm

It's Friday. And I'm spent. And Apples In Stereo are really fantastic. Of course you know them from the Elephant Six. You know, they were the one with all the smooth and charming pop melodies and fun lyrics? The twee kids, with their happy guitar lines and oddly innocent sounding vocals? The ones making amazing pop music with soft and muffled instruments and cardigans?

In case you don't know, it's now the perfect oppurtunity to find them (again). Dip your feet into one of their older songs, with the same sort of jingle and twee cuteness and happiness and that dreamy landscape of kittens and colorful cereal that's always been around. Listen to its calling, the way they force distortion into obdience and manipulate it to a pretty and fuzzy backdrop. The way the vocals layer over the echoing backing sounds. The natural flow of lyric to instrument, verse to chorus. Oh, the naive, sweet 90's...



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