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Whispers of Eternity with Me

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Jo Mango-Waltz with Me

There's an art to this acoustic guitar singer/songwriter type music. There's a certain spark, a line of lyric, the fitting nature of a traveling guitar, a particular scene and emotion that needs to be the perfect droplet for a song to be unique. For it to hold something more, for it to be more than just another song, it's about more than the right melody and the sweet voice. It's about the right story, the right characters, the right sense of motion and being.

This song is everything. Ginger promises, air fluttering footsteps. The moonlight and the summer night sky, tangled footsteps dancing on grass. The seamless rhythm, a captured moment of purity of heart. A dance like no other, a time frozen in the eternal dance steps...one two three, one two three, toes nudging against skin, wind carrying this song and world to perfect, harmonized fantasy.



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