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Book Talk 42: The Rabbit Factory

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The Rabbit Factory-Marshall Karp

My relationship with mystery novels is a weird one. Once upon a time, I adored them. Agatha Christie was my hero, and although I never tried to put together clues and solve the crime before the novel detective did, I enjoyed the words and the storyline for its own sake. Which probably should have given me a hint that pure mystery novels and I weren't meant to be...which is what I discovered upon devouring different genres later on. A well written mystery with a bit more than just the usual crime-suspects-evidence would entertain me like any other genre could, but for the pure, conventional classic structure, I'm not a fan.

Luckily, this novel is rather BRILLIANT. It's charming and funny, with very strong and likable characters. Realistic, too, and did I mention really rather very funny? The storyline is unique! And fun! And gripping! And kept me reading! But most importantly, it's highly, highly entertaining. And funny. And an excellent, excellent work.



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