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Burying Robins in the Backyard

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The Unicorns-52 Favorite Things

Sometimes. Sometimes it's hard to realize this is life. Poetic. Cute little objects. Moments in time worth pausing. Moments in time that goes by too fast.

Somtimes it takes a certain song. Songs that evoke certain thoughts and moods. Ideas and images. Sometimes it takes the happiest, catchiest indie pop band in the world--and yes, the hyperbole is justified in this instance--to create a lo-fi, simple, fuzzy song that fill up a heart with the sort of warm fuzziness normally belonging to very small, fluffy animals. Sometimes it takes simplistic lyrics, but lyrics of such elegance and beauty. Little butterflies of images that capture that sense, these tiny little pleasures in life that can mean...so much.

(From The Unicorns' first and obscure release, downloadable in .ogg format here, and really, really, really worth hearing)



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