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I Like the Moments in Between

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Bobby Baby-Lucky Moments

This song is delicate. Not in the way thin, exquisite China is delicate. Not in the way a snowflake is delicate. Not in the sense that it would break apart with whisper of a touch. Delicate, in a really sweet and fluffy way. This song is soft, white puffs of padding. This song is hesitation and nostalgia, care and love. But love is not an accurate way to describe this...love is too violent, unpredictable, stormy. This is floating above the world, carried by the wind and the sky, watching the towns filled with Victorian cottages float by. These touches of reality and experience dipping here and now. Hope. Soaring, at the chorus, with the sort of gentle pressure you'd expect from flying so high. Higher than before. Stronger than before. But perfect. Perfect as before.



I like it when you talk to me
Listen, love, buy.
MP3s don't last forever.

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