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Book Talk 40: A Long Way Down

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The novel: A Long Way Down-Nick Hornby

I read scattered portions of the first half of this book in various stores, which might actually have been a good thing. I liked it, of course. Otherwise it would have never kept me reading, the one book out of the shiny other copies in a bookstore or the books section. This is a book about four totally different and distinctive people who managed to stumble across one another while attempting to jump off a tall building. That is to say, to off themselves. It jumpes from the narration of one character to another, in each's unique voice. Although I suspect Hornby might have overdone the characterizations a bit, and the novel did not flow as well as it could have, the different perspectives were fun to read at once. It definitely had classic Nick Hornby humor and storyline, and some interesting thought points presented in a way that I could totally relate too. Because we all consider it, don't we? This suicide thing. It's natural and not all that unhealthy. So: enjoyable read. Fantastic characters. Interesting themes/ideas. Overall presentation rather good. 4 out of 5. Would read again.



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