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José González-Heartbeats (Knife cover)

I never understood this song. Not the original, when every person, ever, was raving about The Knife and that amazing album (and I thought it merely interesting, alien lanscapes of gothic electronica pop). I didn't understand it when this cover became the new, official cover of the blogosphere. I didn't understand when the blogs that hadn't posted it before post it a month later, suddenly understanding and in love.

So, a good many more months have passed. And this is ancient news, but now I get it. Now I hear it, everything I've missed before. The fragile beauty, the bitter pain, the electric emotions swirling in the beats of the original, and the dancing strings of this version. This is a perfect match, every note portraying that shattered story of the original. And this is something. Something monumental, something truly great.

This whole next week is probably going to be old news. But it's not about posting the next big thing before everyone else--not anymore. Now it's about what this was meant to be about from the start. This sharing, this feeling, this music, these words.



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