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Scissor Sisters-I Can't Decide

Once upon a time, I wasn't sure whether I liked the Scissor Sisters or if they were just another overrated alterna-indie-pop-rock-dance band. I liked their singles a lot--"Take Your Mama Out" was really fun to listen to, and I loved that they had a song about me--or at least my name. But something about their album wasn't clicking as much as I thought it would, or, at least, should.

My stance on them became one of "I like 'em," but with a note of doubt. I would have never jumped to defend them, should someone attack their musical merit. Then came along this new album.

I'm 100% converted. These songs, filled with the hooks and bursting pop and exploding dance fun, with this dark, bitter undertone that actually seems to suit things better, adds that extra touch that lift the band above the rest. This is a perfect example. The angry, steaming lyrics versus the hooky, instant love melody/guitar swipes, the hard to resist pulse of the song molding and shaping your ears and mind into a dancing, laughing, aware and exploding scenester--of the type that does dance, a lot.



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