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Book Talk 41: Attack of the Jazz Giants

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Attack of the Jazz Giants and Other Stories-Gregory Frost

Great. Not good, but great.

I've never heard of Gregory Frost before (and from the looks of things, I wasn't alone) , but I liked the look of the cover of this book and the hip name, so I picked it up and hoped for something good.

This is a collection of short stories--which, I might have mentioned before, is rather difficult to do book talks on, since they're a collection of totally different things and to generalize so much for all the content seems a bit unfair, especially when there are stories that are gems, and then stories that aren't so great. Horror, fantasy, sci-fi, all the fun things. Except this is a really fantastic collection, where it feels like every story is brilliant, all the plots gripping and how short stories should be--my kind of short stories, anyway--and with something more than just highly entertaining reading material. There is social awareness and satire, human observation in its sharpest form...everything, really, sharp, flawless execution, that is to say, writing style.

I loved it, basically. It's been a while since I've found such good stories worth staying up for, exactly the way I like them. It's like Stephen King meets Michael Chabon meets Terry Pratchett/Neil Gaiman, and um, everything amazing.

Pick this up if you ever see it, anywhere. You won't regret it.



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