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The Lucksmiths-There Is a Light That Never Goes Out

I love this song. Every time I'm in a car, at night, I listen to (some version) of this song. It's rather perfect. The lyrics, the melody, the song.

I love this cover in particular, out of the dozens of different covers, partly because I love the Lucksmiths, and partly because I love male/female vocal harmonies, especially for an ironic romantic song such as this one, but also because all the charm, simplistic sweetness with that touch of good old Morrissey Gothery is present, and at the same time, tweeness prevails with The Lucksmiths' good natured trembling cuteness.

The Lucksmiths are big Smiths fans. You can kinda tell with their name, and their other tribute song to this song, "There Is a Boy That Never Goes Out." And perhaps that's another reason why this cover is so great. Because while I'm sure all of us like the Smiths a whole lot, few of us love them enough to give them multiple tributes. And maybe, it's just because, The Lucksmiths can really do no wrong.



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