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I'm too busying LOLing at all the going ons of the Interwebs today to do an actual post...

I don't get MTV (um...on my cable, that is), but if I did, I probably would have watched the VMAs for the hell of it, and then proceeded to do snarky live blogging.

Speaking of snarky, Stereogum's repeated commenters requesting them to talk about "The Pitchfork leak" sparked my curiosity, and after a little investigating, I came across this:

So basically--since I don't seem to want to do any writing of my own today--Dave explains it best. This would be hilarious by any standards, but even better since this follows on the heels of Stereogum's anti-P-fork lashing once again.

And while we're on the topic of hipsters fucking up, here's an unrelated but wonderful clip of Panic! At the Disco getting hit in the face with a bottle. Pure bliss!

And since YouTube is that addicting anyway, we'll wrap up the day with our favorite American Idol pop star singing with retarded Yellowcard band member and Metal Skool. It's rather amazing.



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