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Garbage-Cherry Lips

This song is absolutely perfect for walking around, with or without a purpose, any time, any where, any one. I think this was my anthem while doing the massive amount of walking, stair climbing, subway chasing, store hopping in New York, and it's rather perfect to ease into our regular programming. It has a somehow totally different vibe from most other Garbage songs, with such upitty, joyous, pure happy bouncing pop freedom it's nearly overwhelming. Cherry lips and golden curls, hot pants and high heels, rhythmic verse and collective chorus, repetative listening addiction, indeed.

And, concerning my second (and short) trip to NYC, I'm now more sure than ever that it's the city of my dreams. It might be a cliche, but there has to be some sort of creativity magnet embedded deep within the city, calling all writers, artists, musicians as well as the flawless suit-ed business people. And upon visiting my three perspective New York schools--NYU, Columbia and The New School (NYU still being my obvious and painful dream/first choice)--I'm all the more set to live there soon in the future. We can make fun of it all we want, but the forever etched saying of "I <3 NY" does hold true, and more than once I found the phrase popping out.



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