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But Love is Not a Victory March

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So, before we get to the music, I'd like to confess: I've been on a major Gothic Lolita kick lately, obsessing over all sorts of elaborate "rules" to the fashion and clothing and photos. And although I've tried to keep an open mind, and there is a certain appeal to the style of Jrockers like Mana, things like jpop and jrock just does not work for this pop/hipster/twee dedicated blogger. But I'm still fasinated enough with this whole thing to be leaning toward the darker, theatrical songs in my collection. So, that brings (moment--)a cover song by a semi lolita-ish band? Yeah. Don't even worry about it.

The Dresden Dolls-Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)

I'm usually not a big Dresden Dolls fan. On the scale of love vs. hate, I'd say I reside strictly in the middle. There are some songs that I do enjoy, but often their theatrics overwhelms their music, and I find myself sticking with their songs that are far more quiet (in other words, more "Coin Operated Boy" than "Girl Anachronism"), but they do fit within this whole Gothic Lolita ideal far more than other Western artists seem to. So, here's their cover of the famous "Hallelujah." It's not the best cover out there, but like most of their songs, there's an element of unease bounded to the core of the song, so that even in this live recording, their twisted emotional snap is spiked to the song, and can turn this beautiful and sad classic into a haunting piece of drama. The song takes a turn for the darker side of things, conjuring images of broken glass, shattered dreams, lace gloved hands bleeding into a broken rose...poetic and Gothic. Perfect for the occasion.



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