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Bishop Allen-Click Click Click Click

Oh god. I know, this blog is turning into another weak at the collection of letters that spells Bishop Allen fan blog, but I can't help it if this song makes me weak with happiness. And if the band can accomplish the impossible, i.e., creating songs that are more and more amazing with each EP each month, by the end of the year the rest of the indie pop band population will have disappeared.

Sitting at a tight and perfect three minutes, it could just as well be the model of a perfect indie pop song. The click click click is exactly as you'd imagine, filled with catchiness and charmingness (if there's one band who definitely doesn't need to head to Charm School, it's gotta be them), the opening tender and hesitant and so playful, the strumming leading up to that bouncy chorus, the story telling, humble narrator lyrics that makes me fall in love over and over again...my words are heavy and burdensome compared to the air light song. So. Good.



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