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Love Was Made Like a Ship at Bay

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Colour Revolt-Mattress Under Water

This drifting, sometimes tinkling, sometimes flowing, sometimes exploding song bends and shapes into a living moving picture. A piece of wonderous brushing harmonies and emotions all wrapped up into one song. With the occassional breaking, gasping chorus with a shock of clashing, thundered guitars and screams, and the line of the song mesmerizing to listen to, at the very least. And, it does not hurt at all that ex-Fletcher Colour Revolt's debut EP will be released on Tiny Evil, home to other Bubble Death favorites such as the glaring obscure Jimmy Eat World and Brand New.


I always want to start Mondays off with a bang, and end the week with something close. You know, something utterly upbeat and catchy that you'll be excited for the days to come. But...when shifting through my stack of emails (I've been slacking off with this new music thing, I've mentioned?) and songs like this one appear, utterly calm and a whirling drain of dark, melodic beauty, a stare, a challenge, a lush air of mystery, of vaguely Gothic appeal, of full and flowing emotion, of wonderful, hooking sound that despite its smooth exterior, is attention snapping at its best, then I've got no choice but to post, and let the dreamy landscaping of Trentalange speak for itself.



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