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The long awaited--Jimmy Eat World!

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Jimmy Eat World @ Del Mar--8/26/06
(+shitty photos (ignore the camera's default date)/super shitty videos!)

If you've read this blog at all in the past, you would know that I am an obsessive Jimmy Eat World fangirl. And you would know that for many previous attempts, I've failed at meeting Jimmy/seeing them live. So, yesterday would have been an amazing experience even if the show didn't go as well as it could. But, since I am writing this, it must mean that last night's show really did kick into dream show land, and that would be an accurate assumption.

JEW kicked it off right away with the always crowd pleasing, energetic and brilliant "Sweetness," followed by "A Praise Chorus" without pause. The very beginning of a show is generally tentative, with a sense of ginger awkwardness, and needs a bit of time before rioting into concert la-la land, but these two songs of pop genius snapped the crowd's attention and left no time for doubts--although, I do wish they had saved one for later, since these are some of the catchiest, most live-suitable songs in their catalogue.

Of course, they played the usual Futures/Bleed American hit songs that, depending on its chart-popularity, set off various explosions of crowd enthusiasm. And, two or three new songs that I can't determine exactly how I feel about yet. What I am sure of is that they're undeniably catchy, and poppy, and rocking. The sort of Jimmy anthems that you listen for the first time, and halfway through the song, you could be humming/singing along (and you'll definitely want to!) The sort of songs with sparking chorus and catchy verses, fun and upbeat, and nearly guaranteed future chart toppers.

The happy surprises of the show were probably their older, and/or rarely played live songs that nonetheless rocked the hell out. With "No Sensitivity," Jim almost confused Jebediah for a San Diegan band (they're Australian.) "Seventeen" and two Clarity tracks ("Goodbye Sky Harbor" and "Blister"...vaguely disappointing) managed to draw memory of Jimmy's good old days and were still a blast to hear live. But, for a really, unbelievable song choice, JEW played "If You Don't, Don't." Which is really quite something. One, because I really happen to love that song, as one of my favorites from Bleed American, but also, because it's very, very rarely played. I could barely believe what I was hearing!

But the show itself seemed to fly by without much effort, and when the lights dimmed I did not have enough of a fill of Jimmy. I worried because I thought even an encore would still prove the night too short. I've been waiting so long for this, after all. ..

And then, the encore. Opened by "Lucky Denver Mint," one of my favorites off Clarity (and recorded, terribly, for your watching/listening displeasure at my camera's utter crapness and my inability to correctly do this), and then with slicing "Bleed American", where the band's passionate playing, and Jim's sweat soaked hair, and the crowd's devocation became far more obvious, and finally, ended the night with "The Middle." Not Jimmy's best work, by any means, but for finishing off a show for a crowd that had its share of hit-only listeners (the show was free, after all. And this is San Diego, after all, where 80% of the population fits the perfect surfer/bimbo stereotype), it was wonderful. An optimistic end to a wonderful night.

Although the whole show was geared toward rocking/energetic/fast paced songs, I wish they would have played at least one softer, melodic track. Something along the lines of "For Me This is Heaven"/"23"/"Disintergration"/"Just Watch the Fireworks", for instance. But I guess, for a long awaited show that wraped up the summer, all that energy spent was just perfect.

Go watch my terrible videos:
Jimmy Eat World-Big Casino (live, clip of new song!)
Jimmy Eat World-Lucky Denver Mint (live)

And yes, I realize how terrible my recordings are, but until someone else uploads something better quality...this is the best I can do. Sorry about the random fan screaming during Lucky Denver Mint and general blurry/fuzz/noise-ness of everything.




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