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Book Talk 36: Neverwhere

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The novel: Neverwhere-Neil Gaiman

Another in flight/home read, and as always, Neil Gaiman pulls off his brilliant fantasy/horror mix stories with the right amount of satire, originality, charm and general plot wonderfulness to be an addicting read. The characters, to me, are slightly stereotypical (but my perspective on this is totally twisted since my first novel was all about making fun of fantasy/scenexcore stereotypes, and many of Gaiman's characters remind me of my own creations...vanity, vanity, vanity), but still alive and sympathy deserving, with personality and sympathy deserving backgrounds. His type of dark fantasy is my only choice, if I were to return to my "epic" fantasy obsessed literature craze a few years back, and for his first real novel, this was a pleasure to read.



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