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If you notice that I've been slacking off on my posts lately, you'd be right. The reason? Well, many things, really, the majority of which I don't want to go into (procrastination...obsession with useless other activities...laziness...you know). So, instead of trying to justify my post crappiness, I'll take the easy way out and point you lovely readers in the directions of some of my current Internet time wasting material, in hopes that you'll sympathize, and/or become too distracted to mind.

So. As usual, with all musical/book related links, Largehearted Boy pointed out this wonderful Stylus* piece on various J-Rock videos. Perfect, since I'm still not over my Gothic Lolita obsession, and I'm too confused and scared to try and explore the Japanese music scene. Featuring everyone's favorite Lolita stars like Mana, Kana and Aya in everyone's favorite Gothic and creepy bands in creepy and gothic videos that are far more entertaining than a lot of the pretencious crap U.S. "indie" bands tends to come up with (Hello, The Killers!) I'm particularly enchanted with the idea/personality/theatrics of Mana and Kana, and equally distressed at the sound of their music. Maybe they're an aquired taste or maybe I'm not cut out for this, but I just can't treat them as anything more than curiosities. Although that Kana video does remind me of Karen O's singing style, I think I prefer Kana's fashion choice far better.

When it comes to legends such as Malice Mizer (aka Mana's band) or Dir en Grey (I forgot what their relation was...), I heart the idea behind the videos and the videos themselves. The atmosphere, the imagery, the mood, but again, the music just does not do it for me.

Speaking of creepiness and scariness, for some geniune jolt back from your seat terrifying reaction to extremely distrubing imagery, check out the authentic petticoat pin-ups from Petticoat Pond, featuring TGs ("TG = "Transgender Poufbunnies") and GG's ("GG = Genetic Gal Boufhunnies "). I'd strongly recommend that you don't click if you're eating or drinking. Or in a currently happy, healthy and relaxed mood. Click at your own risk. And that'll end the day.



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