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Grandaddy-Elevate Myself

Hello! Testing is over, I return, with lots of ideas and fancy projects in mind. Just give me a week or so to catch up. So...

I discovered Grandaddy far too late. And by that, I mean I discovered them around the same time they broke up...but it's songs like this that will keep me from dismissing them.

It zips from end to end, snatching attention and buzz all around. The keyboards muzzling about the melody, unbarebly sliding and dancy and catchable. Catchable? Yes, that. That breathy, verse, the bridges a clean cut of fading into a spiral downward that the song is trying to get away from. Every detail is lifted into high spirits by the end of the song, the swirls of sounds and the layers of near psychedelic detail, and at the same time, so pop, so watching a bright yellow baloon floating into the sky...it's far too easy to elevate oneself.



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