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The Strokes--Juicebox

I know I'm probably going to piss off a bunch of my readers, but--can't you just hear the System of a Down totally metal guitar riffs and the crazy solos in this song? And yes, that riff varied to several degrees is quite persistent and easily stuck-in-headable after a while, and to some extent the song is plenty catchy and definitely rock 'n' roll, but then...is it really anything fresh and wonderful? Anything to gawk and love over? But then again, The Strokes (and garage bands in general, really) tend to get on my nerves and become frustrating. So, what's better to wrap up the week, then this?

Well, okay, many other things. Like, I could have done: Any Coldplay song. The bad: self explainatory. The good: Your life will feel much, much longer than it actually is. And you won't ever have to take sleeping pills again.

Hey wait, that is a good wrap-up! It's been surprisingly difficult to find the bands that are terrible yet strangely good, but I had fun writing these (variety is always fun, isn't it?). Quality shall return next week, although you sure can look forward to more exciting themed weeks in the future!



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