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You Can't Pretend It's All So Hopeless

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The Arrogants´╝ŹDon't Die Before Your Day

Oh my god. Indie pop. Twee. This picture from Cute Overload

Lead singer Jana's voice, mellow, sweet, dreamy, the lush guitars--the acoustics! The rhythm! The somehow clashing distortion balancing off even better! The Flaming Lips-ish synths and effects!--the charming lyrics, the love sick, somehow emotional melodic opening notes, the lost, searching, landscapes of fear and that sense of loss, so open and separated--and okay, a little different from their usual cheery melodies and pleasant twinkling pop ballads, but still so beautiful--and every other adjective and noun and the soft edged verbs and whatever (all.in.lowercase.) associated with love and cuteness and twee and indie pop and sweetness and rain...

Grab their latest album, You've always known when best to say goodbye for only $7.50 along with a DVD. Or, if you're all about the digital, grab the rest of the tunes digitally for four bucks from their site. Sets you in the perfect mood for the lover's day tomorrow!

And yes, I'm aware that this post did go up way early and how I'm definitely not posting the new Flaming Lips despite how much I seem to enjoy it.



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