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Book Talk 8: High Fidelity

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Book Talk 8: High Fidelity--Nick Hornby
Verdict: don't miss it!

Top five things you should know about me reading this book:
1. I know, I'm way late in on this. But, better now, than never. Right? Right?
2. No, I didn't manage to read two books simutaneously, it's just that I got lost during all the 100 post craze and lost the time to post.
3. Yes, it's Nick Hornby again, and now I can see why the other book couldn't really compare.
4. It was really hard to put down. I finished it in two days, and I really love the layout of the chapters and the like. You'd think something like that wouldn't matter, but considering my thing with design and CD art and the like, it's natural that I care about the way my books look, too.
5. You've probably read the book way before I did and know all about the main character's record collecting, sorting, pop music loving, record store owning, elitist sounding, relationship failing, list making hobbies and why this is written in the form of a list, and why this book is amazing, and so I have nothing more to say then: read it at all costs.
5.1 I haven't seen the movie, although now I'm curious. Is it any good? I know I liked Fight Club the book better than the movie, although both were very good.



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