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The 2006 Grammy's--Live and Not Direct

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Okay, so living in San Diego puts me a couple of hours after the NYC4EVA bloggers, but I've managed to stay away from winner's lists and I'm going to try and provide commentary--gasp!--for the first time, ever, in The Bubble Death's short history, as a second celebration of that lovely 1-0-1! Yay! Enjoy this group of blabbing while you can and look forward to an improved (read: edited) version tomorrow.

8:00 PM
WTF? Animated Gorillaz aren't dressed as fancy as they could be--and they're performing with live Madonna? Someone slap me. I must be on some sort of acid trip. Damn, these animations are not half as hawt looking as the video. Who thinks of this sort of crap?

...on second thought, maybe the animations are fitting compared to the real performers--way to completely kill your indie fan base, Gorillaz. Ah, Madonna, you working the pole just makes up for it. Nice leotard--that's all I've got to say. ANd, nice sychronized dancing. 90's pop love, indeed.

YAY FOR KELLY! First award of the night! <3<3<3

Coldplay dances funny. And manage to sound utterly terrible and uninteresting, as usual.

Mic check over soundsystem ("you okay with your mic?")--during country pop band's performance, in a robotic monotone cell phone tester voice. Unremarkable performance, but for that, we're loving it.

Speaking of country, it doesn't even exist anymore. It's all pop with acoustic guitars and twangs. Pathetic.

U2--definitely not a rock band.

Ziggy Stardust is glamxcore

Let's count the official thank you's on Kanye's gigantic list: God, mom, L.A., U2...to be continued.

Because of you, Kelly, the Grammys are suddenly worth watching. That dress, though, needs a little lightening up. We still love you!

U2--definitely not a rock band--hey, how did they win best rock album? Well, at least it's not Coldplay.

Kelly again! Yay!

Poor Gwen, another award snatched from under her nose. I can't blieve Jay-Z and Linkin Park can actually win stuff. Talk about terrifying...

Oh boy. Joss Stone has got to change...that many stripes and colors just doesn't work out, as in, at all.

Okay, blond mohawks and that GWAR get-up was so American Idol last night.

OMG my ears just broke it's Linin Park and Jayyyy-Z! Live!

10:30 (something)
So Kanye goes all out and Gwen gets robbed again. I'm losing interest...more tomorrow, then!



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