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Kite Flying Society-Groundflower

You're walking through a forest, with padded meadows and pastel flowers bobbing in the wind along the side of the dusty, tiny path. The sun beams through the soft leaves of the trees above and soaks on your skin. Warm and comforting. And in front of you, the path opens to a tiny, cuddled cottage. The flowers and trees, the forest fades behind you, and the cottage glows with a bright, pastel light. And then this song starts. And everything looks, sounds, and feels oh-so-pretty. The light, bobbing rhythm of the acoustic guitars, the soft, cutesy backing vocals, the soft and fuzzy everything coming together, presenting a perfect, frozen moment in time. Simplicity and this breezy track, and the scene snatched from a little girl's fairy tale dream, and it all blends together. And there's nothing more beautiful than all of these moments, and telling you that yes--spring, love, and wonderful times are coming.

AND--Kite Flying Society is a San Diego band. Can you say, yay?



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