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SBIG--Cut My Wrists and Black My Eyes

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Hawthorne Heights-Ohio Is For Lovers

I hate Hawthorne Heights. I mean, I really, truly despise this band, their music, and everything they stand for. Every time I hear their name mentioned (especially with an over positive response attached), I cringe and die a little bit inside. I want them to cut my wrists and black my ears so that I'll never be subjected to this sort of torture again.

And, yet, I can sing along to the whole song.

This band is the very definition of what it's like to make terrible music. It's not even produced lifeless repetative "corporate rock", it's going on to a whole other level. I mean, aside from the lyrics--the most cliche, sickening, uninspired lines I think I've ever heard--the "singer's" inability to perform anything resembling real singing, the forced, weak screaming, there's the fact that they're actually popular, that there are thousands and thousands of fan boys/girls out there adoring everything they do.

So, why the post? Is it really possible for them to be "good" if I hate everything about them?

Instead of looking at the merits of the music (none), maybe you could look at the appeal. Instead crying over the band's forced, produced, emotionless emo efforts, maybe you could hear the undertones in the song. The pretty pop guitars, the chorus with just the right amount of "hardcore" but enough catchiness to get stuck in your head for days. Instead of making fun of their fake lyrics, look at the fake real emotions. Like every scene kid on Myspace, there's the despair, the crushing blow of being apart from your love, the perfectly constructed fake everything along with this whole movement.

And maybe, maybe, if you listen to the song enough (to the dismay of your friends, family, anyone unforunate enough to suffer through your non-stop Hawthorne Heights spell), you'll be able to put that headache threatening to blow off your head to the side and concentrate...and maybe you, too, will see, why a band like this gets the attention they do. And why, they're so terrible, ear splitting, head smashing terrible that...in a twisted, weak, way, they're the perfect band you love to hate, and listen to at the same time.



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