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Happy the Non-Valentine's Day Post

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The Veronicas-When It All Falls Apart

I'm not in the most energetic, romantic, sappy V-Day mood today, but when it comes to broken hearted, girl pop rock love ballads, there's nothing like a good, healthy does of Australian twins The Veronicas to revitalize my mood.

Where to begin about this song, or even The Veronicas in general? They're amazing. Combining the best of all sorts of pop and faux rock, Avril and Kelly and bits and pieces of Robyn, the major key structure of any pop song, with the lost, aching verses of an empty life, the dramatic terrors of it all, not to mention the instantly catchy and stuck in your head chorus! "Everything is effed up straight from the heart..."

If you are in the spirit for happy, romantic things, however, there's is...ah, what the hell. My romantic spirit is shot to death by the absurity of the whole occasion. Maybe next year, then...



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