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Goldfrapp-Number 1

So I was at Macy's yesterday, looking to update my sufficiently hipster doll wardrobe, and this Royksopp video came on, giving me a slight shock. I mean, you know the mall's favorite songs--so then, I stand there, frozen for a few minutes, until the song passes on and is replaced by James Blunt, followed by the Pussycat Dolls or the Black Eyed Peas or something like that...I was relieved. The world is still right side up enough! And then, just as I get ready to move away from the TV and stereo surrounded area...I hear this oh so familar riff.

These synths, aching, one after the other. Waves and waves, swallowing the one before it. The drumbeat, the electronics, kicking into gear. I dare to look up into the video screens--and there it is. Goldfrapp, in all their glitz and glamour and glory. The sexy beats and convincing vocals, the silky lyrics melting with Alison Goldfrapp's voice, the disco sliding and swirling in harmony, and the combination of it all! And the song, it's screaming, begging to be played louder. The sort of twists that requires glittering platform heels and ruby red lipstick. A mirror and a flashy wardrobe. And those three minutes and twenty-five seconds are really all you need, even at a place as unlikely as a department store...



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