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You Need a Happy Ending

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Point Juncture, WA-Happy Ending

There is just something about almost twee like poppidy female vocals layered on top of guitars and drums scratched out to their full potential, with the sharp melody raging in the background and the full effect of the whole thing hitting you from all directions at once. This, ladies and gents, is the sort of indie rockdom you'd expect (or be totally shocked by) from a band named after a place. A band from Portland, no less. Really, that intro and that bridge, with the insistent bassline and the echos in the background creeping together for an explosion of dream/indie/pop splash that'll hang around even after the sigh of the end, and did I mention the instrumentals picked up from your favorite Broken Social Scene song, but with more drive and assorted trinkets to keep you entertained. Check out their new record, Mama Auto Boss, streamable at the website.



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