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I See Spiders When Shnay Speaks

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Cagey House-"The Shnay Speaks"

Watch: It's a dark, sticky, grimey and creepy dungeon. There's blood stains on the walls. Your footsteps echo as you walk across the hall. Maybe you happen to have a dagger or a gun with you, and your hand is on the handle of it. Maybe you hear a noise in the darkness behind you and you whirl around. Maybe you see a glint of something, something unsettling. Your heartbeat speeds up and you breath just that much quicker. You walk faster, faster and faster still. You're sure that there's something behind you now, dark, dangerous, thorned and ready to tear your skin into pieces. Your speed walk jumps into a run, and suddenly you can see the thing behind you, snarling and hurling your way.

It's legs are twice as thick as yours and it hisses, spitting out those glinting strands you noticed earlier. It's moving at an inhuman speed--it is inhuman, but still, your eyes can't take in what it's doing and you trip. There's a crack on the floor, and you slip down in the darkness, the wetness and dirt on the floor clings to your clothes and your skin. You open your mouth to scream but it's already upon you. It rips you apart with a single swipe of its arm. And it nestled down, it lets out a noise that could perhaps be described as a whimper, and it began to crunch up your body. It's hungry. But it's also alone, and you are the only other living thing it had seen since its creation.

This song is kind of like that. Cagey House is kind of like that. Self described as "psychedelic pseudo-post-avante-synth-rock-exotica", he is, in fact, something to that effect. Check out Cagey House's new EP, Steel Tantrum, from Nishi Records, available for free download! Don't you adore artists who put out their amazing and innovative music up for grabs like that?

And a happy three day weekend to all of you lucky enough to have one!



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