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Devendra Banhart-"Dragonflys"

Devendra is a beautiful hippie folk/acoustic artist with a vocal range of unbelievable emotions. He's a little like Sufjan, with his strange songs about every subject possible and his use of unconventional string instruments for a beautiful arrangement. This is a really short song, but it expresses many things about him with wonderful clarity. And I'll have to admit, it's not the type of thing I would start listening to on a cruise down the highway and singing along to, but it's something soothing and dark for those days where all you want to do is lie down, put on your headphones and float into another world. Like, today, for instance...


Oh boy, does John Reineck know how to work the press! Days after the The Soft EP is released, they're already the #5 best seller on Insound and recieved a good amount of hype from all the right places.

Which, I guess, should be totally expected, because their music is just that sort of greatness, with the right balance of rock and indie and pop, this NYC band is coming one step closer to Reineck's dream of stadium tours and every single they relase on top of the charts. I mean, listen to that guitar line, and the right amount of fuzzyness and dreamyness. It's one of those songs that you hear once, and the tune sticks with you at all the right moments. Not the la-la-la let's sing along chorus type (although you totally could achieve that effect) but the moody and smooth flow of words and music blended together for that great mix.



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