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Rogue Wave-"Postage Stamp World"

So maybe you've heard all this buzz (or not so good comments) about the new Rogue Wave, and you're wondering if you should indeed check it out or leave it alone. Or you might have brought their new records and now want to know what they sounded like just last year. Here's a song for you to do just that (and there's two more on the Rogue Wave/Sub-Pop website).

It's their mellow, charming, sweet and kind side of things. There is underlying feel of sorrow and darkness, but what's a great song without it? It features lots of classic indie pop guitars and vocal lines. It appears to have strings and...oh, go ahead and listen for yourself, won't you? After 15,252 words of nonsense description and dialogue (in 3 days!) for my novel, I'm all spent. See you all sometimes this weekend.



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