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MC Lars-Signing Emo

Take heed, dear readers, today's post is a monumental step toward the future. Today you'll get introduced to the (so far, or as far as I know) the world's only Post Punk Laptop rapper who raps about emo and Moby Dick and BMG's faults, and does it in such a ridiculously catchy/hilarious matter that it becomes mind boggling (yes, mind boggling, okay?). Despite the fact that this song isn't new, it's scary how much it still applies to the scene scene as of now. This is the sort of chorus that features the hate it to hell but goddamn it is it catchy of the Hawthorne Heights fame, and I'm not sure if Hearts that Hate, the singer of the chorus and whatnot is a real band, but it's probably the best representation of over cliched wannabe emo type bands in a while. Except, the real ones, of course. Although I doubt industrial will be the next come back--I'm thinking harmless "indie rock" in the vein of Death Cab, Sufjan, Bright Eyes and all, even more so than now--everything else just fits true to life and should present an interesting listening experience.

Oh, and on a sidenote, more ironies and hilarious incidences: MC Lars has a song called "Hot Topic (is Not Punk Rock)", and his CD is definitely carried in Hot Topic, plus he's toured with Simple Plan, and in fact his record is distributed by Song/BMG...



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