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Book Talk 15: About a Boy

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The novel: About A Boy-Nick Hornby
The song: Stephen Malkmus--Post Paint Boy

So I seem to have this magical way with Nick Hornby, especially for his famous novels that has been made into movies that I have not seen...again.

Then. This is a wonderful, wonderful read, with the sort of witty humor and off beat observations of life, pop culture, and people that just makes the whole reading experience so much better. The unlikely bond and interactions between Will--the single, anti-family, pop culture yupstercore thirty-something--and Marcus--the Joni Mitchell loving, Kurt Kobain plays for a football team believer--is charming and delightful.

And then. Stephen Malkmus. He has that laid back, cooler than cool, witty, charming, brilliant indie rock idol thing down to every line and every riff in every song. Everything he does appears so easy, every riff and every stretched out melody, every observant detail in the lyrics or the corner of a song...so perfect. And fitting.



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