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Planting Lilacs and Buttercups

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Oh god...it's super late post time. But it's that sort of a Friday, you know? To make it up (maybe), here's a late obsession post about the infamous "Mushaboom" by Feist.

The original: Feist-Mushaboom
The video:

The light, carefree, wonderful, flowy, breezy, simple, elegant, beautiful, [insert any other cutesy sweet spring happy adorapop adjective] arrangement of this song and everything about it just makes me glow inside and set it on permanet repeat. The acoustic guitars, ushered to such control, loose yet dignified, fun and flickering. The little bops and muffled claps in the background, blowing bubbles and buttercups and all sorts of cute indie pop ness...amazing...and this updated version of the video is so perfect for the track. Flawless.

While both of the covers snatch away a good chomp of the pure joycore of the original, both offer a new flavor and are of interest. Especially to obsessionists like me at the moment.

Bright Eyes-Mushaboom

Conor Oberst has this crazy knack for covering songs and making them totally his own. I mean, his voice is really something. And since this indie rock darling is so adored, there isn't much to say about his version of this song. I'm not sure his style is suited for the mood of the song, although he Oberstified to an extreme level.

Feist-Mushaboom (Postal Service Remix)

Obviously, The Postal Service has to stamp their signiture keyboards and electronica pop for the remix, along with dipped Ben Gibbard vocals, and a slower tempo. I'm not really sure the



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