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Book Talk 17: Cat's Cradle

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The novel: Cat's Cradle-Kurt Vonnegut
The song: Ladytron-Destroy Everything You Touch

Once again, I'm playing catch-up to some of the greatest, monumental novels of our time. Which is why I'm revisiting so many of the same writers...but, as usual, Vonnegut creates another masterpiece. Or, in this case, the masterpiece, really. The humor, the brilliance, the bizarre senario and wonderful characters...you see, the same man that had invented the atomic bomb has also created this wonderful species of "Ice Nine", which, basically, will end the world by freezing any form of liquid it comes in contact with, and then the liquid (or plant, dust particle, anything) is free to spread itself to other things. And he gave it to his three crazy kids. And um, craziness and amazing writing ensures. It's the hilarious, yet sad truth behind the story that makes it so worthwhile.

The song, of course, is one of the better pop songs of the past few years. It's also sort of an obvious choice--but damn it, it's amazing, and I need to post it, in case anyone's still unaware, and the keyboard, and the rush of energy, and the vocals with that thin layer of eeriness and darkness, yet the catchiness, the structure, and...and...and in other words, Ladytron is amazing, almost matching the brilliance of the book. And, that is all.



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