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See: Pitchfork's take on The Pipettes, Sugababes (cover of the Arctic Monkeys), Marit Larsen, Guillemots

And the originals over at: Fluxblog (for both Marit Larsen and The Pipettes), Music for Robots (for Guillemots), and I'm not sure the specific blog that posted the Sugababes first, but I know Pop Justice gave the word on it and then all the bloggers picked it up.

I mean, yes, I figured for a lot of the track reviews Pitchfork had to pick up on the cool bloggers' tastes, but all of this jumbled up at once? I'm sure there are lots, lots, lots more, and those blogs aren't necessarily the first to post, but I happen to remember those posts a bunch because I really liked them. So, Pitchfork should maybe just leave it all to the blog world? I mean, for Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, there was the whole Pitchfork-Stereogum thing going on, but the Arctic Monkeys were pure bloggies.


Sugababes-I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor

Sugababes covering the Arctic Monkeys. I mean, I don't even know what I'm supposed to say at this point. So, it's awesome, right? Three hot UK chicks will make you look even better on the dance floor than four hot NYC dudes. And also, Sugababes--their voices vs the typical alt/indie rock Arctic Monkeys, the superspeed, hyper active guitars and drums of the babes over the monkeys...

How can you not dance to this song?



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