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Watch: The Magic Numbers--Forever Lost

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I've been meaning to post this band for the longest time now, but somehow or another there was always something else, another idea, another day...now there's this adorable video, though, I don't think I can hold it off any longer.

The Magic Numbers are two sets of brothers and sisters from the U.K. Sounds like a gimmick? Yeah, me too, at first. I definitely wasn't expecting these simple, sweet pop melodies, these perfectly tuned harmonies, the instant stuck-in-headesque guitar lines and keyboards. And the build up to the singalongable chorus, and the romantic lyrics and that full, flowing sound of everything...

And this video! The cartoon band members cannot be any more adorable. With the exception of The Boy Least Likely To's video (that video is on a whole other plane. If I started writing about it...well, nothing would make any sense due to my brain's unstoppable OMG SO CUTE exclaimations). The cartoons' reaction to watching themselves on the TV screens are so true to the band's sound, and unbelievably cute.



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