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Belle & Sebastian-White Collar Boy

So as long as I'm playing catch up, and since I've been listening to Belle & Sebastian so much lately anyway (and well...since I did promise to post a track a few weeks ago...), I think I'm allowed this post, even this late.

Because, you see, in case you haven't heard, The Life Pursuit is the most fun I've ever heard B&S sound. There's that totally indie pop, totally I-just-dug-up-this-old-dance-record-from-grandma's-attic feel, the hand clappableness of almost every track, the persistent, fun and catchy, hooks and drums. This is not the Belle & Sebastian you're used to, not the soft spoken boy in the tweed cap in the back of the class (although there's definitely still traces of him in the songs), but the boy dancing and clapping in front of the grass.

And this song, the good old rock 'n' roll and traces of ironic humor, the story of the poor, poor white collar boy who has everything that could go wrong, go wrong. The melody bound to bounce in your mind, the guitars and keyboards that'll have you snapping and clapping in front of an invisible Belle & Sebastian show...

And while we're on the subject of shows, and while YouTube is still so hot, feel free to watch them perform "Funny Little Frog" live (another one of my favorites from the album), although the performance seems a little lacking in energy.



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