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Book Talk 14: Stardust

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The Novel: Stardust-Neil Gaiman

Ah, fantasy. I miss these epic tales, with unicorns and elves, fairies and princes. The air brushed description of the dampened forest and shining maiden, the tedious pages of
history and world building better told behind the scenes...

Or maybe I don't. Maybe Neil Gaiman's slightly satirical, witty, sweet fairy story is enough, with every cast of character seemingly familiar from one of those real "epics", but with enough credible, humorous characteristics and conversations to stay fresh and delightful. Although the basic storyline--young boy is raised in villiage (actually half of a faerie) falls in love with villiage maiden, who takes little notice of him and sents him on a quest to retrieve a fallen star for anything he wanted) is another echo of a classic, the merging of all these subplots, ideas and items into one short novel makes it a wonderful experience. This is a romance, an adventure, a great little tale for anyone--fantasy lover or not.

I'll have to pass on the song this time as a.)it would be something lame and obvious like anything by Stars or The Unicorns, and I don't want to do that again or b.) it wouldn't suit the novel that well. I haven't found anything as light hearted, charming and witty at the same time as this--at least, nothing that conveys this hazy fantasy world with enough knots and obervances to make it a great fit.



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