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So it is 2006, and the easy way out would be to post something really obvious like "The New Year" by Death Cab for Cutie, but I have this strange feeling most of you already know this song and won't care much to hear it again.

This is going to be a really interesting year, I know that for a fact. For one thing, if things goes as planned, next week I shall be free of dial-up and able to upload songs at a much easier fashion. Yay! For another, inspired by Largehearted Boy, and being a huge reader of everything and anything good myself, I think I'll try the a book a week thing, although I can't promise to be on time since there are weeks (last week, for one) where I can get through two or three books and some weeks where everything stacks up, and I'm stuck. Also, I'm a fiction person, although I'm open to all sorts of reading material, stories are what makes me happiest. Suggestions are always welcome, and I think I'll try to post a little blurb about whatever I finished reading. Although, I'm pretty sure I'm not that good of a book critic.

Also (yeah, I'm not done yet), I'm open minded to all sorts of new features and ideas, but I probably can't keep up anything too fancy. I'll promise to improve my writing, though. If you ever catch a post that sounds as if it belongs on Pitchfork, feel free to alert me and I shall go kill all pretencious and pointless adjectives immediately. Because, it's just so much more fun when things have a little variety. Am I right?

Okay...maybe not. I am really looking forward to making everything better, and apologies if I do ramble on a bit, because I have a good feeling about this.

And! Last thing, I am going to try daily posts without screwing up the entertainment value (um. That exists, right? Right?) of things. And! I am finished. For today, at lesat.



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